Baseball Throwback Jerseys Making a Comeback

With fans back in the stands in varying degrees after COVID-19, you may notice jerseys from your team from past eras or even jerseys from other teams.  This is one part of baseball memorabilia that really helps fans celebrate past eras.

The popularity of past uniforms is largely due to the color scheme, design, and uniqueness compared to many current uniforms. Let’s take a look back at the best throwback jerseys over more than 100 years of baseball history.

San Diego Padres (early 1980s)

The brown and yellow of this jersey is unique in the fact that no other team at that time used only those two colors to identify their team. The jerseys of today are much plainer and the Padres may undergo changes in their uniforms, perhaps back to the 80s throwbacks?

New York Mets (1986)

Prior to 1986, the Mets jerseys had buttons, which were removed to form the pullover with an attractive 25th-anniversary patch. The blue and orange stripes down the arm and pant leg are not only unique but added to the slick look.  There is some kind of mystique to the uniforms as it also the year that the Mets won the World Series.

Oakland Athletics (1972)

The yellow pops with the hint of green that sticks out. The numbers on the jersey were quite large and the color scheme stands out.  No other team other than the Athletics can make green and yellow look cool like the Athletics.

Montreal Expos (1970s and 1980s)

The uniform isn’t flashy, but the color combination of baby blue, dark blue, with splashes of red and white, lends to an attractive throwback. In addition, the old Expos logo has a history attached to it, with the great Andre Dawson, Tim Raines, and Gary Carter all having donned these uniforms.

Houston Astros (1975)

Perhaps the best throwback is the “Rainbow” jersey or the Astros. The horizontal orange-colored rainbow, the large star, and the team name on the front make this a stellar-looking jersey. In addition, the jersey had no number. That was found on the pants.  The uniforms were under much scrutiny by members of the Astros, but their color scheme makes them a very popular throwback.

Fans of teams around the league love throwbacks to show not only their support of the team, but to stars of past eras who wore the uniforms with pride. Be sure to take a look at some places you can score a baseball throwback jersey cheap!






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